Hola friends,
today started off great. I received a call from realtor letting me know that one of the deficiencies I diagnosed was fixed and her deal is going through. The buyers said it was a make or break if the AC was working and I diagnoised it may be a thermostat issue. Sure enough it was just the thermostat and the AC and furnace are working great. So on that note, these are seven common thermostat issues that can impact your termostat:

1.  Positioning in the House: if your thermostat is in direct sunlight or by a door it can give you a false reading and your system may work inefficiently.

2. Thermostat needs cleaning. Grime can build up and give you a false reading

3. Thermostat is old. Thermostat have a shelf life so consider changing it out if its a bit old.

4. Thermostat is not level. Some thermostats use mercury so if it is not level the mercury will be out of level and give you a bad reading.

5. Change the batteries. Thermostats need power to give correct readings.

6. Improper installation. Loose wires will impact the communciation between your HVAC system and thermostat so proper instatllation is important.

7. Program defects. Modern thermo stats are computerized so programming issues can occur ocassionaly.

Well, I hope this was informative and if it was please share and as always “Thank for hearing me out!”#aboveandbeyondhomeinspections #fitinspector #sanantoniohomeinspector #sanantonioinspector #sahomeinspector #sainspector #alamocityinspector #alamocityhomeinspector #bexarcountyinspector #bexarcountyhomeinspector #texashomeinspector #texasinspector #tryandstopme #thehustle #thegrind #realestatefam #staycool #inspectedaf